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Advertise on MaltaPay Kiosk its Environment friendly
NO paper or magazines these all end up in the recycle bin!

Advertise on the TOP screen of the Kiosks from €1 a day per Kiosk

Advertise your Property on MaltaPay Kiosks
€10 per month & give a webpage to your property

Contact us and we will put your information and property pictures on the kiosks

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Search your own property Web page on-line. This includes property facts, photos and contact numbers.
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Advertise your property

For as little as € 10 per month one can advertise his property on all MaltaPay Kiosks, which are spread all around Malta in all major stores and Top Locations.
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Adverts on MaltaPay Kiosks

Advertise on MaltaPay Kiosk Top advertising screen for only € 1 a day. T's & C's apply.
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Why Advertise on MaltaPay Kiosks

High visibility !! Approx 65,000 people using the Kiosks every month.
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Taylor Co Ltd. - Property Advertising & Business Consultancy

All services tailor made to your needs, backed up by a team of professionals working within different areas of expertise such as legal, accountancy, marketing, company incorporation and tax.
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A new way of Advertising

Taylor Co. Ltd in a position to launch its new website, were one can advertise his own property on our website and...

Its official…

MaltaPay Kiosks will be able to handle all your Go Mobile Bills and ARMS bills. So no more queues, pay your bills...

Our Services

  • Mobile Systems Ltd, was founded in 2010. It is the first company in Malta to provide a payment solution system on a number of terminals spread all over Malta. These terminals are also know as MaltaPay Kiosks. MaltaPay Self service System accepts payments from individuals or companies for different types of services via cash or credit cards. These Kiosks don't only serve as a payment system but also as information centres. All the software is licensed and registered and the hardware is provided by DELL, HP and Cisco. We intend to create a united system for: Mobile Top-up Cellular communication, Internet, Online Shopping (i.e. online catalogue goods) Online Games & Social Networks Use and more.....
  • At the moment we have 25 MaltaPay Kiosks spread all over Malta. Where one can top-up his Vodafone credit.
  • Other new services we are working on: - Payment of Go Mobile Bills Top-up of Go Mobile credit Arms Bill payments Order a black cab at discounted Prices Property advertising and much more...