MaltaPay Kiosks are a United Interactive Standalone Payment System in Malta where one can pay bills and fines in one single place 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Apart from billing and payments the system will also feature entertainment tickets & an information Kiosk.

The Kiosks have 2 screens the lower touch screen monitor for clients to browse and effect payments and the upper 19” plasma screen for non-stop advertising.

All MaltaPay Kiosks are strategically positioned in prime establishments which boast a walking trade of approximately a 1000* people a day. MaltaPay Kiosks are rapidly gaining popularity with approximately 65,000* people using the Kiosks every month.

One can buy a 20 second advertising slot which will be displayed approximately once every 12 minutes on the top screen of the Kiosk. Therefore the slot will be displayed 5 times every hour between the opening & closing time of the establishments. One has the opportunity to display his advert up to 120 times a day, with just one advertising slot purchased. Imagine what one can achieve with more slots. Any number of slots can be bought depending on availability. Additional slots on the same loop will be given priority.

More advertising slots = Increased visibility = More clients = Bigger profits for YOU

* numbers worked on monthly figures