Why Advertise with MaltaPay?

1.  High visibility guaranteed by our advertising Kiosks.

  1. Kiosks are positioned in Malta’s Top Commercial Places.
  1. A minimum of 2000* people per day currently make use of the Kiosks either to purchase a service or                                                                                to access their Loyalty Scheme card system.
  2. Easy to use on-line touch screen system.
  1. Most advantageous rates on the market with our low introductory prices.                           (Terms and Conditions apply).
  1. Kiosks sell a number of services including:
  • a) Vodafone top-up on-line system,
  • b) the  booking of adverts for Malta’s top newspapers,
  • c) free use of the Loyalty Card system for supermarkets including Pavi and GS Superstores.


Additional services to be added soon:

  • Paying ARMS utility bills
  • Go Mobile top up system
  • Go bill payments
  • Booking of a chauffeur driven taxi at discounted rates
  • Browse for real estate property in Malta
  • Top-Up of 40 foreign mobile operators for all foreigners in Malta